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He also changed the title to Belcolore, believing that the subject looked too modern for its previous title. Wahl (eds), Letters of Dante Gabriel Rossetti, 4 vols., Oxford 1965-7.Despite this, the painting continued to be known as Monna Vanna. Blackmore, who also owned Fazio's Mistress (Tate ), and later passed into the hands of George Rae of Birkenhead, one of Rossetti's most important patrons. Leslie Parris (ed.), The Pre-Raphaelites, exhibition catalogue, Tate Gallery, London 1984, reprinted 1994, pp.214-5, reproduced p.214, in colour.We’ve come this far together and I want to hang on to this job.” Pat then went to his dressing room and got ready for the show’s taping. He took a look out into the audience – the men he had recruited from the clubs seemed a bit rowdy, some of them even looked a little drunk, which was fine for what he had in mind.He went onstage and introduced himself to the contestants while the audience coordinator was warming up the audience, and made sure he knew how to pronounce their names. Vanna was called onto the set, and took hold of Pat’s arm as they got ready for their entrance.But while the years of watching her having sex with other people had satisfied him in the short term and given him many masturbatory pleasures, the overall effect was to make him crazy with desire for the woman that he never seemed to be able to connect with on a real physical level.So he hatched a scheme to get her into the sack – it was crazy, it was outlandish – but who knows, it could work.The spiral pearl clasp in her flowing auburn hair and the red coral necklace appear frequently in Rossetti's pictures of women.Along with the sweeping movement of her arms, the green rosettes on her shoulder and the floral earrings, they serve to accentuate the picture's circular of Giovanna of Aragon in the Louvre.

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Frances Fowle December 2000 Rossetti chose the title (suggesting a vain woman) after the picture was completed.

Rossetti originally called the picture Venus Veneta, and intended it to represent 'a Venetian lady in a rich dress of white and gold, - in short the Venetian ideal of female beauty' (quoted in a letter dated 27 September 1866, Doughty & Wahl, II, p.606).

After the picture was finished he changed the title to Monna Vanna, denoting a 'vain woman', a name taken from Dante's Vita Nuova, which Rossetti had translated in October 1848.

Then he arranged for a special puzzle to be hidden behind the turned letters – at the request of the producers of the prank show, the puzzle would be “You’re on TV’s Practical Jokes” – which worked out great, since there were a lot of unusual letters in there, like a “V” and a “K”.

A quick stop in the show’s art department set up the special wheel segment he needed – very often on the show they would give away a “Trip” when someone landed on the right part of the wheel, so all he had to do was add a giant “S” onto that space.

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