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Today marks the 5th year anniversary for my girl Toya’s Garb Boutique!It has been five years since one of New Orleans hottest boutiques opened their doors and what better way to celebrate, but in STYLE (literally).It was quite a baptism for a girl who had finished drama school just the day before..

‘It’s a real challenge – it’s a verbatim play so the words all come from interviews with young homeless people.

She played Alisha, a bossy amazon whose superpower was that she could instil instant sexual arousal in anyone she met.

One of Antonia’s first scenes involved doing something unmentionable with a bottle.

‘But it’s unlikely that anything could prepare you for a job that involves belting out Proclaimers songs on camera, in Edinburgh and in public.

‘I’d done musicals for the National Youth Music Theatre when I was little, but it’s a completely different thing for screen. It was moments like that when you go, “We’re really lucky to be doing this as a job – because we’re just playing and having a great time.”’ That’s Antonia all over – she has a zest and a zip that have not been crushed by an industry that can be ruthless.

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    But the beautiful actress chose to wear a highly unusual single earring that had everyone talking.

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