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With 0 at the bottom of the Horrible rating and 1000 at the top of the Dream Date rating.The main type of event that can happen is a social interaction between two sims.If a fulfilled want added 2000 points to the aspiration score, the date score will rise by 100 points).When you start the date you start with limited time.Every social interaction has a base score that is multiplied with the relationship score gained or lost to produce a number of points that are added to the date score.

Effect 1 means that the relationship change for both sims will be added to the date score.These interactions also affect the date score but include personality and aspiration boosts.Unlike the previous table there is no effect 1, effect 2, etc.When the date starts the score starts in the middle. During a date points are added or subtracted for almost every event involving your sim.The date score also exists as an invisible number plane ranging from 0 to 1000.

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