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During the beginning of the 1990s, Vardan Petrosyan wrote and staged over half a dozen of performances that boomed the theatrical life of Armenia by their political forwardness.

Overall, this actor has several performances that address to such serious issues as the Armenian Genocide, foreign affairs and the problems and challenges of the political life of Armenia.

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He established it by the help of his friends, and especially along with Vahram Sahakian, a prominent Armenian dramatist, actor and film director.

Their initiative obtained the official status in Armenia in 1988 and is known as “Vozniner” (which means “hedgehogs” in Armenian) private theatre studio.

After this he served in the Soviet Army for two years.

When Vardan Petrosyan returned from the Army in 1985 he immediately initiated a theatrical troupe which was called “The Young Hedgehogs”.

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