Persistence dating alpha male

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If you’re alpha then women want you to cum inside them on a Colombian bus.It’s more accurate to say that alpha-beta qualities fit on a line, with a multitude of traits determining if you lean alpha or lean beta. Off the top of my head: These are qualities that I’m no longer working on eliminating because I’ve learned that they do not hurt my chances with women who are my type.In doing so, they’ve undermined their ability to find lasting love. All a good man wants is for his wife to be happy, and he will go to great lengths to make it happen.He’ll even support his wife’s ideas, plans or opinions if he doesn’t agree with them.If you’re a hopelessly sentimental beta, there are three traits you must have if you want to be sexually succesful in a Western country: 1. But then again I wonder if any man who has confidence, approach skill, and sexual persistence can still be classified as “beta.” Either way, it’s very rare for the most alpha of alphas not to have at least a beta trait or two simmering underneath their armor.When I’m in America I actively repress my beta urges, and it’s not hard because of the antagonistic feelings I have with the women I meet there, but in a place like Poland I let beta Roosh run wild and free to be rewarded with more sex than ever.Needing to dominate and overpower, that is a no go.” Jackie Kennedy once said there are two kinds of women: those who want power in the world, and those who want power in bed.

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Every so often she would appear to cede to my father’s wishes, but only if she happened to agree with him. If women want to find peace with men, they must find their feminine—that is where their real power lies. But they don’t want a woman who tells them what to do.

While being overly affectionate may cost me with an American girl, it does not with Colombian, Brazilian, and Polish women, who are overly affectionate themselves.

If I want to sleep with American women, I consciously make changes to my “problem” traits to ensure I still get laid.

That he was gone and she was technically available was beside the point.

Despite my mother’s allegiance to my father, she never quite mastered wifedom—for one reason: she was wholly unyielding.

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