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After being thrown into a new beginning, the chaotic circumstances have forced Hisao to rethink his apathetic disposition, especially regarding things like life, friendship and future.

Despite being left with legs amputated below the knee, Emi is perhaps one of the most cheery, happy-go-lucky girls on the entire globe, let alone the school.

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Nonetheless, he has a heart of pure gold and he is very passionate and serious about his job.In class she is a diligent student, with her sense of confidence serving her well in her role as class representative of class 3-2.Since Rin’s arms are tiny stumps due to a severe birth defect and subsequent surgery, she uses her feet and occasionally her mouth to do everything, which includes painting.Then Kagami pays a visit to Konata’s house and then Kagami asks Konata some questions about characters in dating sim games.The girls then spend time basically talking about random things like, dentists, sweets, losing the will to study, and summer classes.

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