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With a great supporting cast, including Christian Slater as an American envoy, Elena Anaya portraying an investigative journalist and Paulina Garcia as the Chilean president, The Summit is an intriguing piece of cinema.It might not be to everyone’s taste, but is it certainly worth a view.After doing her first acting jobs in the Canary Islands and modeling for brands such as Tommy Hilfiger, Coca Cola and Peroni, Sara moved to Madrid in 2011 where she joined Alicia Hermida’s La Barraca, where she continued her training as an actor.

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None of these questions are fully answered, but one thing is for sure, Blanco is not the everyman president that he portrays himself to be.This movie was about as much fun as watching the news on a slow news day.They threw in a non sequitur of a family problem just because they obviously had no idea how to make a film out of what they had and that's what you get with La Cordillera.He is participating in a meeting between different state leaders, which takes place in La Cordillera.From there, in the middle of the Summit of Latin American presidents, he will have to be able to solve a very complicated personal matter that can affect both his private and public life.

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