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BLACK ACTOR (DELETED FROM HISTORY) Actor Canada Lee (1st photo) was an outstanding actor, in the category of Sidney Poitier and Denzel Washington.He was one of the most respected black actors of the 1940's and a passionate civil rights activist. He was a renaissance man like his idol Paul Robeson.Those in the north and south should expect to see the coldest temperatures so far this winter...Members of Scotland Yard’s SO14 royalty protection team claim changes to their pay means they are being treated differently to other officers.They have been offered an annual lump sum instead of claiming overtime Situated in Edinburgh - the birthplace of J. Rowling's famous books - the magical property is the brainchild of Harry Potter superfan Yue Gao, who has filled it with Hogwarts-style furniture and fittings.The social media giant has set up a government and politics unit and had staff involved in Donald Trump's US election campaign.

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Stunned, group members Tony Silvester and Luther Simmons regrouped with new lead singer Cuba Gooding, Sr., who had served as a backing vocalist on some of their previous recordings and had filled in on tour during Mc Pherson's brief illness.Thousands of African-Americans opened accounts, and the Binga Bank prospered.It attained a state charter in 1921, and eventually occupied imposing buildings at the northwest corner of State and 35th Streets.Lee’s chronic high blood pressure led to kidney failure, and he died of an excruciating blood poisoning known as uremia.Source: "Becoming Something: The Story Of Canada Lee," by Mona Z.

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